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Sonderzugfahrten im Raum Berlin: 1 March 2003 - 4 March 2003

Special train on the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn, at the road crossing with Wilhelmsruher Damm. The paved line in the foreground shows the alignment of the former Berlin Wall. The station halt at "Wilhelmsruher Damm", at the left of the picture, did not exist at the time of the Wall as is would have been in the so-called "death zone".
VT 2.17 + VT 2.20 (KEG) als IBSE-Sonderzug in Berlin Westhafen
VT 2.20 + VT 2.17 der KEG in Berlin Hamburger und Lehrter Bf vor Abfahrt als DNR 82828 nach Wustermark Nord. Rechts hinter den Triebwagen verläuft die Baugrube der Nordeinfahrt des Nord-Süd-Fernbahntunnels.
Known as the "Goerzbahn", the Zehlendorfer Eisenbahn und Hafen AG runs alongside Dahlemer Weg from Berlin-Lichterfelde West to Berlin-Schönow, seen here with KEG railcars VT2.20+VT2.17.
Two Karsdorfer Eisenbahn railcars form an IBSE Special Train at Schöneicher Plan, on the freight-only line between Zossen and Königs Wusterhausen.
VT 2.17+VT 2.20 der KEG als DNR 82830 Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Königs Wusterhausen in Mittenwalde Ost.
On the north side of the port at Königs Wusterhausen the IBSE special train formed from the KEG motor coaches VT2.17 and VT2.20 is pictured under the powerful quay crane.
The KEG railcars at Berlin Osthafen.
On the line of the Neukölln-Mittenwalder Eisenbahn AG (NME) the IBSE special was pulled by diesel engine ML00605. The picture was made at Kraftwerk Berlin-Rudow.
Tramcars 06 + 001 + 05 on the freight-only section of the Strausberg Railway.
Photo stop by old lime kilns on the Rüdersdorf – Hafen Rüdersdorf route of the Rüdersdorf Cementworks Railway.

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